Monday, February 15, 2010

Flickr slideshow of some recent works, and "Tiger Valentine."

I never did this before, so the pictures are all in one slideshow, starting with "First Lady," which I finished in May, 2009, and ending with my newest works in February, 2010.  I think I like this trick!  :) I hope you like it!

Also, here's a picture of the Valentine's Day and Chinese New Year of the Tiger card I just made for Jimmy and GEM (Gretchen, Eva, and Mike)

It's called "Tiger Valentine" and is a drawing on paper with blue Bic pen and prismacolor pencil, and with a Chinese fortune cookie paper fortune glued on. I drew from a little blue bath ducky we had when I was a kid, and added the face to remind us of Gretchen's Hey, Diddle, Diddle cookie jar. The fortune cookies are for all the art I used to make with them and the paper fortunes in it, as well as all the Chinese New Year parties I used to throw!  I used to even make fortune cookies with clay and glaze them.  Sometimes I put acrylic paints on real fortune cookies.  :)  Once they unfolded, because I got them too soggy, and they became beautiful circles.  That's how I discovered how they shape them!


  1. Happy valentine's Day...check out what Ken made for me on my blog for sweetheart day! I am always learning from you and I love this newest adventure. How are you two surviving this wonderful snowstorm? The kids have been out of school for over one week. The roads are critically icy so we are staying inside and counting our blessings. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  2. Hi, Susie, Many Blessings to you and your incredibly inspiring work! Love, Therese

  3. Susan- you can make the sideshow smaller by changing the code where it says height and width. You just change the numbers and you can stick it permanently in your sidebar. Your sidebar is 150 pixels wide (I use the same template in grey). So, make it square, 150 x 150. Looks great!