Sunday, June 24, 2012

My episode on The Quilt Show is free now through July 1!

Now you can watch my new hour long episode of The Quilt Show with Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims for free .

You have to do a little registration, but it IS free.  Then, if you want to take out a membership to watch all their shows online, use this coupon code: 204517708175.

The show will be free from now through July 1. Many of the pieces shown in this program are Kitchen Tarot artworks.  Programs on The Quilt Show are absolutely beautifully produced, like an Oprah show!

The picture above of me and Libby has nothing to do with my Episode #1013 of The Quilt show.  I just wanted to show it to you.  I took it with my camera on the timer, right after Jimmy left on Father's Day for his annual trip to Grayling, Michigan, for fly fishing and meetings and gatherings with the fancy bamboo rod makers.

This is Jimmy that morning, June 17, just before he left on his trip, snuggling Libby, knowing how much she was going to hate not going on that car ride!

This is a small detail shot of my newest piece "David Wax Museum: 3 of Potholders (Coins) in the Kitchen Tarot."  It's 60.25"h x 76.25"w.  You can read all about it on my website.  I have lots of pictures of it there and links to albums on my Facebook page that show me making it. The David Wax Museum is a wonderful and amazing band I love.  And this is my favorite piece right now, and is a hard act for me to follow!  Yikes!

Our best crop ever of Evening Primroses started to bloom with one flower, right when Jimmy left!  Now we have tons of blooms to watch pop open at sundown each night!  It looks like time lapse photography!  This only happens with the tall, yellow variety of Evening Primrose, and they are crazy hard to grow!  I used seeds from a friend two years ago and planted them in peat pots.  They didn't do anything last year, because they're weird biennials, but this Spring, with the wildly warm March weather, they came up right where I had planted them the year before, and I recognized them and didn't pull them out, thinking they were weeds.  That often is people's problem in growing them: the plants look like weeds!

So it's Libby and me here, waiting for Jimmy to come home tomorrow night, enjoying his Grayling stories on the phone and packing for my July 2 - 12 trip to Spain, where I'll teach and have a solo show at INTERQUILT GIRONA 2012, in the city of Girona, on the Costa Brava in Catalonia!  My new friend and fellow quilt artist Denise Labadie, from Longmont, CO will also be teaching and having a solo show, and we will be together, having big adventures together there in Spain!  Yea!

Anyhow, I hope you like my Quilt Show gig!  Peace, love, and art, Lucky

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

My episode on The Quilt Show starts on June 18!

Last August I went to Boulder and was filmed for my episode of The Quilt Show with Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims. The show will air to Quilt Show paid members starting on June 18, and you can watch it for free from June 24 to July 1. 
The Quilt Show was one of the very first TV-show-like broadcasts on the internet just a few years ago.  Its hour long episodes are as high quality as things like the Oprah Show, and I am very proud to have had the opportunity to be included in their collection of artists.
Many thanks to AURifil Threads, who sponsored my flights to go on this adventure.

 My friend and wonderful quilt artist Patty Hawkins met me at the Denver airport and drove me everywhere I needed to go that week, and I got to stay once again with her and Wes and their dog Mandy at their lovely Estes Park home.  When we got to their house, I gave Patty this little Studio Muse painting, as a thank you present for all the things she was once again doing for me!

 Wes is a retired aerospace engineer, and he does a LOT of carpentry, including making these great children's chairs.  Having grown up in Santa Fe, Wes has put his love of that area's culture all through their house in the woodworking and colors he chooses.  His work and Patty's art quilts are an amazing combination!

 We took walks together again, and here we're out in the Hawkins' neighborhood, enjoying the great view of Colorado!  I had been lucky enough to stay with Patty and Wes a couple of years earlier, when I taught and lectured for Front Range Contemporary Quilters in Denver and at the Salvation Army Camp retreat way up in the mountains!

Before my August 4 afternoon show shoot, I sat in the audience and enjoyed the making of Robbi Joy Eklow of Chicago's episode.  Her vibrant quilts were all over the walls, and the cameramen zoomed all around the room!
 I made this small painting for and about Alex Anderson.  I enjoyed doing research on her and Ricky's lives and trying to capture a good saga about each of them in these pieces.

And this is the painting I made and gave to Ricky Tims, about him and his life.  He and Alex are as sweet and kind and interested in people in real life as they are on the show.  What fine people they are!

Here is a trailer for my show, episode #1013: Journaling Through (and on) Quilts with Susan Shie. 

When they took me back to the airport to fly home, I sat in the back seat with Mandy.  Mandy is the dog who made me get dog fever again, and that's why Jimmy and I ended up getting Libby, after going dogless for three years!!  Just look at Mandy's darling, sincere face!  Awwww!

So remember to go check out my episode #1013 on The Quilt Show, which will start to air for paying members on June 18, and will be free to non-members between June 24 and July 1.

If you want to become a member of The Quilt Show, so you can watch all their wonderful episodes, go here, between June 24 and July 1, and use this coupon:   204517708175  

to get a 20% discount on your membership there.  

I just decided to pop in this picture of a piece I started in one of my Turtle Art Camps last September here at home, and just finished last week.  I made it as a demo for my students, but had in mind to use it for a logo image for Turtle Moon Studios and Turtle Art Camp.  It's 22"h x 24"w, and I think I'll soon stick it on my website.

I'm headed for Spain on July 2, flying back on July 12, and will have a solo show and teach classes at the big INTERQUILT international exposition in Girona on the Costa Brava!  You can bet I'll come home and put up a blog post about that, after I get over my jet lag! 
I've made a new friend in quilt artist Denise Labadie of Longmont, Colorado, and we're flying together over to Spain and since she was there last year, I'll be sticking very close to her expert self!  :)  
I also met Olga Gonzalez, one of the founders of INTERQUILT, when I taught and exhibited at The Festival of Quilts in Birmingham, England in  2010, and I was thrilled to have her invite me to come to Girona, Spain.  Olga and her friends were just delightful, coming to my solo show over and over, to talk with me about their adventures using my Kitchen Tarot cards in their evenings.
So this is going to really be a wild time!  I've already started packing!

So there it is.  I hope you'll go see my show on The Quilt Show!

Thanks and love, Lucky