Sunday, June 24, 2012

My episode on The Quilt Show is free now through July 1!

Now you can watch my new hour long episode of The Quilt Show with Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims for free .

You have to do a little registration, but it IS free.  Then, if you want to take out a membership to watch all their shows online, use this coupon code: 204517708175.

The show will be free from now through July 1. Many of the pieces shown in this program are Kitchen Tarot artworks.  Programs on The Quilt Show are absolutely beautifully produced, like an Oprah show!

The picture above of me and Libby has nothing to do with my Episode #1013 of The Quilt show.  I just wanted to show it to you.  I took it with my camera on the timer, right after Jimmy left on Father's Day for his annual trip to Grayling, Michigan, for fly fishing and meetings and gatherings with the fancy bamboo rod makers.

This is Jimmy that morning, June 17, just before he left on his trip, snuggling Libby, knowing how much she was going to hate not going on that car ride!

This is a small detail shot of my newest piece "David Wax Museum: 3 of Potholders (Coins) in the Kitchen Tarot."  It's 60.25"h x 76.25"w.  You can read all about it on my website.  I have lots of pictures of it there and links to albums on my Facebook page that show me making it. The David Wax Museum is a wonderful and amazing band I love.  And this is my favorite piece right now, and is a hard act for me to follow!  Yikes!

Our best crop ever of Evening Primroses started to bloom with one flower, right when Jimmy left!  Now we have tons of blooms to watch pop open at sundown each night!  It looks like time lapse photography!  This only happens with the tall, yellow variety of Evening Primrose, and they are crazy hard to grow!  I used seeds from a friend two years ago and planted them in peat pots.  They didn't do anything last year, because they're weird biennials, but this Spring, with the wildly warm March weather, they came up right where I had planted them the year before, and I recognized them and didn't pull them out, thinking they were weeds.  That often is people's problem in growing them: the plants look like weeds!

So it's Libby and me here, waiting for Jimmy to come home tomorrow night, enjoying his Grayling stories on the phone and packing for my July 2 - 12 trip to Spain, where I'll teach and have a solo show at INTERQUILT GIRONA 2012, in the city of Girona, on the Costa Brava in Catalonia!  My new friend and fellow quilt artist Denise Labadie, from Longmont, CO will also be teaching and having a solo show, and we will be together, having big adventures together there in Spain!  Yea!

Anyhow, I hope you like my Quilt Show gig!  Peace, love, and art, Lucky


  1. I loved your episode of The Quilt Show! It is always so fascinating to see how you work. Thank you so much for sharing.

    1. Thanks a lot, Lisa. I'm so happy that you wrote to tell me about watching it. This means a lot to me. Susan

  2. I'm so sad!! I just accidentally deleted a very nice comment here from someone in Spain! I think it was from Jacquelin. Thank you so much!! If you can post it again, I promise to take good care of it!!

    Love and thanks, Susan, in the Atlanta airport, on my way home from Spain

  3. Hola Susan, de nuevo un mensaje desde España para felicitarte por tu trabajo. Es increíble la de horas que tienen invertidas tus quilts, me gustó mucho ver tu exposición. Además quería agradecerte la calificación y el comentario que me diste en el mío. Si te pasas por mi blog serás bienvenida. Gracias de nuevo y felicidades por esas manos tan maravillosas que tienes. Me hubiera gustado conocerte en persona. Un beso.