Saturday, June 12, 2010

My guest post today on Subversive Stitchers: Women Armed with Needles

Instead of making a blog entry here on my own blog about my newly completed quilted painting (art quilt), called "Philadelphia Freedom: Two of Paring Knives," I took Dawn Goldsmith up on writing a guest entry for her very wonderful blog  Subversive Stitchers: Women Armed with Needles.  Please go over and enjoy it.

Above is a picture of me starting to put colors into my painting for this piece, using my airbrush, after drawing the composition off the top of my head (since I couldn't figure it out in sketches, though they had helped me narrow my focus a lot.) I love that you can draw really fast on a large surface with an airbrush (mine's by Aztek) and then turn around and use the same tool to color in your painting. This happens in two short days, and then it's months of wriitng all over it with my airpen, reporting stories from my life, current events, and in this case, some powerful history lessons about slavery, the Kent State killings, and much more.

After you read my Subversive Stitchers blog entry, please go see my website's 2010 Gallery page about this same piece, "Philadelphia Freedom," whose main theme is the nine enslaved Africans kept illegally at the President's House in Philadelphia from 1790 to 1797, by President and Mrs Washington. It is also another Minor Card piece in my Kitchen Tarot project. You'll find a long statement in that gallery page on

Oh, and my blog entry on Subversive Stitchers ends with an Eva's Art update.  But it's not THIS piece:

This is Eva's drawing for the tee shirts for Christmas Run Pool, which I got her to create for me on May 9.  I knew if my sweet little five and a half year old granddaughter would make a design for the shirts, people would buy them for our Save the Pool fundraiser. You can see the shirts and read about them on the Facebook page Save Christmas Run Swimming Pool Wooster Ohio, in the photos section.  If you're in Wooster, you can order the shirts at Spa Collections or Wooster Natural Foods.

By the way, our City Pool opened this last Sunday, June 6, and it'll be open for sure, both this summer and next, thanks to all who worked, and continue to work so hard to keep raising the needed funds!  Bravo!

I'm making my entry for the SAQA online reverse auction, and will post it here when it's done. Then it'll be time to start my Quilt National entry, which I can't post anywhere, due to entry rules. It'll be about the Oil Spill and Healing the Oceans and Coastlines.

Blessings!  Susan


  1. Hey Susan, Long time "no see". Glad to finally hear from you. I just love your spontaneous art quilts that you do. Love your freedom. Carol

  2. You are one amazing woman of white light! I am so looking forward to seeing you and Jimmy! Thank you for saving the swimming pool for all children! imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  3. I just read through your last couple of entries - wow, you are amazing! I loved all the photos of Eva, and Turtle Moon cam - I am envious! You do such incredible work!