Monday, February 27, 2012

Long time gone!

I haven't posted here since last May!  SO I'm going to be very disciplined and only post a few things, even though almost a year of news has gone by!  We'll just have to go without all that stuff!  :)

I just put up the picture above, of my "Flowers of the Arab Spring" piece in progress hanging on the clothesline in my studio.  It's the back you're seeing, with the crazy grid quilting on the section of the back that's a batik of peace symbols.  I put my works up on the line, to check to see where I still need to add some more sewing, and then to look for stray dangling threads I may have missed, before I photo the piece.  This one will be done in a couple of days, and THEN I can put up pix of the front finished.  For now you can see pix of my sketches and me airbrushing it though. Click on any of the little pix, and you'll go to the big versions, which you can then click through.  I love Facebook for that, and my albums are always visible to everyone, not just my FB friends.

Eva is 7 now!  She loves the iPad I got for Christmas, and here's her and me, a shot we took with the Photo Booth app on Sweet Jane, my iPad.  Our iPad.  This heat seeking color pic is one of nine effects options you have with Photo Booth, including a center one that's ... normal!

 Here's our dog Libby on Fat Tuesday, living it up as the Queen of the Mardi Gras.  She's a year and a half old now, as of Feb 15!

There was a wonderful article about Jimmy and his leather work, by Art Holden in our newspaper, The Daily Record, on February 13th.  Here's Jimmy with a really swanky fly fishing equipment case he made in the Fall.

This is the picture I took, also with Photo Booth on my iPad, to put on my Twitter profile.  I hadn't gone to Twitter in a LONG time, but wanted to read up on the various Arab Spring revolutions, as I'm doing a piece called "Flowers of the Arab Spring."  Here are some photos of it in progress.

 GEM came down and saw the local artists' group, WAGE's annual show, "Eye of the Beholder," which I'm working on a catalog for now.  Here's Eva, with NORMAL coloring, posing in front of my piece about her and Jimmy making French Toast.  It's the Knight of Potholders in my Kitchen Tarot.  You can see lots of pix of "French Toast" and read my artist's statement about it in my Turtle Moon Studios 2011 gallery.

Here's GEM studying the show in one of the two galleries it filled at Wayne Center for the Arts here in Wooster.  The show was Jan 13 - Feb 24.

This is an in-progress detail shot of a 17" x 17" acrylic painting on canvas I'm making about Dr Viola Startzman, who's 98 now, and who is about single handedly responsible for us having a Free Clinic for health care in Wooster.  She's led an amazing life, and I finally got to meet her last week, when I visited her at West View Manor, the same retirement home my parents lived in, and my mother had been an RN at for many years.

I took a few pix of Dr Vi, and drew this piece freehand, after making a few drawings in my sketchbook.  I guess I'll put up a new blog when I get Viola finished. The benefit auction for the Free Clinic, which I'm donating it to, is on April 4, at Montavino Wine Market here in Wooster.  More pix of this painting in progress. Read Dr Startzman's bio at the Free Clinic's site.

I just started a blog for Wooster Natural Foods, our Co-op here in town, that was called Wooster Food Co-op until 2001.  I've been the president of the Council for our Co-op for a long time, and just decided to consider switching us from a boring little website to a lively blog.

In the process of doing that, I figured out how to create static pages for a blog, so I now plan to make some new pages here on my own blog: artist's statement, classes, resume, etc.  Sooooooon.

I've been very active on my Facebook page, but need to get back here, too. I will.  Hang on!  Time for lunch!



  1. I have missed seeing you Susie..Eva is just beautiful! I have a very big project that i am working on!!! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  2. Yes, you have been gone for a while, but glad to know what's going with you. Love the quilt at top. Is it a batik piece you've done. Doesn't look like your usual pieces but I'm loving the blues and white.

  3. Hi Carol. Nope! That's the back of the quilt you see in the image at the top here. My painting is on the front, and the part you see is just one of the backing fabrics. It's a batik of peace symbols, and I bought it. I don't do batiking myself. No time and no skill for it here! :)

    In a few days I'll put the actual finished piece on my site and a note about it here, connecting the blog and the gallery page on my site, along with pix of painting it, which are already on my FB page. It's called "Flowers of the Arab Spring."

    Thanks, Susan

  4. Wow, Eva is 7! She's adorable, of course! Love your in-progress shot of the Dr. Startzman portrait, thanks for sharing it and the information about her.